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Brain activity

We present to your attention the pride of our line of premium HQ supplements of ALPHA GOLD line quality – the “ALPHA MIND” complex from ALPHAMALE laboratories.

Cognitive functions are coming to the fore today. The quality of perception, the speed of information processing and the immediate issuance of an accurate response are the basis for a successful individual. However, malnutrition, high workload and stress reduce the body’s cognitive functions. To avoid this problem, we have developed ALPHA MIND. It is suitable for people whose activities are associated with increased mental activity, stress, where it is important to keep a long
targeted focusing, work where a high reaction speed is required for a long time.

Main vector of action:

• Helps to enhance cognitive functions
• Helps relieve tension, irritability and stress? Improve sleep quality.
• Helps to focus, increase attention
• Promotes improved learning, memory and cognitive function, and enhances selective attention during mental tasks

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L-theanine  300mg
Magnesium 50mg
Caffeine  40mg
Iron  7mg
Zinc  7.5mg
Vitamin B5 12mg