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Health and immunity

We present to your attention the pride of our line of premium quality supplements ALPHA GOLD line – the ALPHA HEALTH complex from ALPHAMALE laboratories.

ALPHA HEALTH is the perfect balance of the most essential vitamins for your body, which help to restore and maintain the immune system.
The balance and proportions of basic vitamins and microelements selected by our leading biochemists ensure maximum efficiency aimed at strengthening and recreation of your immunity.

Main vector of action:

• Promotes strengthening and restoration of immunity
• Maintaining the protective functions of the body during periods of high stress
• Both independently and in combination therapy contribute to an increase in the body’s resistance against diseases of various etiologies, including viruses and bacteria.

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Vitamin A 3000IU
Vitamin B1 2.20mg
Vitamin B2  3.50mg
Vitamin B3  40mg
Vitamin C 120mg
Vitamin D3 400IU
VItamin E 45IU